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While working on this week’s cover story on sex inside Union Station’s men’s rooms, I only saw dick action on my way to the commuter hub. One afternoon, a man at the intersection of 16th and Newton Streets NW lost his pants. He bent over and there it was: ass, balls and the rest. Not pretty. I think his pants just gave up on him and broke.

At a gay bar, a man unzipped his fly and let it…well, you get the idea. He was hitting on me and I guess thought this would be a great idea. I can’t say I looked. So I can’t be certain that he exposed himself at the bar. But I’m pretty sure he did. He and his member seemed to linger out in the open for a while.

Last but certainly not least, while researching an entirely different piece in August, a source let me into his apartment when he just shouldn’t have. I immediately noticed another man laying on the floor by the dining-room table. He was wearing only a white undershirt and white briefs. His chicken legs were spread apart to make room for the box fan airing out his groin.

The icing: The man was clutching a teddy bear.

My point in telling you, dear readers, all this is to ask you for some guidance: As a journalist, what should I have done? Should I have told the man to put on pants? Or should I have kept it real, been that fly on the wall, not changed the news, and simply let the man be in his underpants with that teddy bear?

I chose to ignore Underpants Man. Was this the right thing to do?