The Dish: Roma tomato and artichoke pizza slice

The Location: Alberto’s, 2438 18th St. NW, (202) 332-2234

The Price: $4.50

The Skinny: When it comes to pizza, I’ve traditionally preferred toppings derived from fauna (pepperoni, cheese, sausage) to those from flora. Just cheese and pepperoni sounds fine to me, whether it’s before or after 9 o’clock. But the tomato-and-artichoke slice I tried last night from Alberto’s in Adams Morgan—kid brother of the Dupont Circle location, which for now is closed following a fire—may make me branch out a bit more. And not just because I like the geometrical simplicity of its carryout packaging. (Seriously—-take a breath and admire the way the slice’s near right angle fits the takeout box. The wannabe mathemetician in me was trying to recall those high-school geometry formulas.) No, the flavor was satisfying. The artichokes didn’t seem to do much other than contribute to the slice’s aura of healthiness, but I enjoyed the flavor imparted by the cool, juicy, and fresh-tasting tomatoes, and I found that the light-but-still-chewy thin crust matched well with the light, summery feel of the toppings.