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For weeks, we’ve seen large yellow signs about the September 15 anti-war march. Now that the big day is almost upon us, one question weighs heavy on my mind. Once this protest thing is over, who will decorate D.C.’s utility boxes?

Back in mid-August, the city threatened the antiwar organizers with $10,000 in fines for illegally posting their signs on utility boxes, according to the Washington Post. The protestors ignored the complaints—-as anyone who has recently stepped outside in D.C. can attest. It’s hard to imagine a more passionate bunch.

However, one group does come to mind, and they’re already making some headway on the streets of our city. Walking up Connecticut Avenue NW the other day, I noticed Ron Paul bumper stickers on several stoplight posts.

Of course, it only takes one zealous person with a little extra time on their hands to slap up a few stickers. But, Paul’s an antiwar candidate, so maybe one of the A.N.S.W.E.R. sign-hangers just decided to multitask and put up some Ron Paul stickers while they were out.

I put this theory to Paul’s spokesperson Jesse Benton, who swiftly rejected it. He said some Paul devotees would most likely be heading down to the protest on Saturday. But aside from that, there was no connection between march organizers and Paul supporters.

“Your typical Ron Paul supporter would probably disagree with A.N.S.W.E.R.,” Benton said. “They’re very socialist.”

But, Benton says there’s a pretty strong contingent of Paul supporters in D.C.; 176 District residents have signed up for the local meetup.com group. This despite the fact that Paul doesn’t really like our city.

“For someone who’s been in D.C. for years, he’s not much of a Beltway guy,” says Benton.