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The Drink: Golden Triangle The Location: Simply Home, 1410 U St. NW, (202) 232-8424 The Price: $10 The Buzz: You would think that a restaurant that is part retail wouldn’t be that classy. But Simply Home on U Street is as elegant as they come and perfect for a romantic dinner. Unfortunately, I was solo and in search of a cocktail. While a beautiful bar stretches along one wall of the narrow restaurant, there are no barstools. It’s merely a service bar. With no other choice, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and retreated to the lounge area— cluster of low stumplike tables with low cylindrical stools. I perched on one—-—I’ve never been able to look at ease, much less graceful, on those little toadstools—-—and browsed the drink list, which proved confusing. Cocktails were listed by name only, and I had to enlist the bartender’s help to explain them. This is one of the reasons I prefer sitting at the bar—-—it’s easier to ask questions, plus you can watch the person make your drinks. Often times, there are more ingredients in a cocktail than are listed on the menu. I settle on a drink the bartender says he likes, the Golden Triangle, a mixture of Malibu Pineapple, peach schnapps, and lychee juice. The drink arrives in a tall beer glass, garnished with lime and a whole lychee, which looks like the body of a squid. Happily, it tastes mostly of fresh lychees, with peach a close second. It’s not something I’ll be drinking when the weather cools off, but it’s a perfect homage to the lingering days of summer.