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Damn. The Prince of Petworth blog had a kickass couple of days. The guy gets around. He doesn’t just bloviate on the latest development deal. He has what every journalist’s cover letter only promises: “an eye for detail.” Over the weekend, he spotted some graffiti that’s been copyrighted. He also noted the irony of a neighbor cluttering up the ’Worth with pick-up-your-dog shit signs.

P.O.P. writes: “It appears a renegade member of the community has posted a number of these signs around town. Unfortunately they are not affixed very well to the lamp posts and as a result they are scattered on the sidewalks becoming quite a nuisance themselves. So is there even a poop problem to be worried about? Is this a good way to go about addressing the ‘problem’ given the whole ANSWER debacle?”

And finally, P.O.P. considers the pathetic sight that is the plastic bag hooked to a fence. This is no substitute for a trash can nor should it be, argues P.O.P.

This is a standard sight in most neighborhoods, especially high-density ones with a lot of late-night traffic. Or any neighborhood within a mile of a fast-food/carryout joint. P.O.P. wants to know whatever happened to the idea of getting more cans on city streets?

I wonder if the plastic bag on a fence really works. I also wonder if neighborhoods really need more trash cans?