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A Roundup of Morning Roundups

If you’re excited about getting C-SPAN on HD radio, you are so living in the right city. (Fishbowl DC)

If you let us keep our private army (the good one, not the one we use to protect your people) we’ll totally let you stay in power. Plus, if Hillarycare doesn’t kill you, Crocs and spinach will. (The Ag)

Hey, maybe we can listen to witty jokes about healthcare and whoever that guy is that might be attorney general on our HD radios tuned to C-SPAN! (Wonkette)

Don’t get too excited about D.C. voting rights. For one thing, it means you have to sit through shitty bands at rallies. For another, it’ll never happen, especially as long as NIMBYs try to cut off another source of porn for Congressional aides. (DCist)