In a city forever grappling with its culinary identity—-I’m sorry but the half smoke is more museum piece than ongoing concern for local sausagemakers and cooks—-D.C. chefs have recently latched onto pizza to make their mark. Never mind that most of these pies are rooted in traditions borrowed from other cities, whether the New Haven—style ’zas at Comet Ping Pong or the Neapolitan rounds at RedRocks Fire Brick Pizzeria (which I wrote about last week) or the Chicago-style pizza at Alberto’s.

Still, I have to agree with a number of commentators out there in the blogosphere: This is an exciting time to be eating pies in D.C. (You New Yorkers can stop rolling your eyes and go back to counting rats.) In just the past year or so, we’ve witnessed a boomlet of new pizza outlets. Aside from Comet and RedRocks, both in the District, there’s Bebo Trattoria in Crystal City, Moroni & Brother’s on Georgia Avenue NW, Circa at Dupont, and Pizza Zero and Mia’s, both in Bethesda. Some cook their pies in wood-burning ovens, others in traditional pizza ovens.

It appears that some of these newcomers are giving the old guard—-namely, 2Amys, Pizzeria Paradiso, and Vace—a run for their money. Folks at both DonRockwell and DCist have been lighting up the boards over who’s doing the best pies these days. My own list is still in its formative stages, but I’m beginning to think 2Amys may surrender its crown soon. What’s your take? Give me your current Top 5.