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Ken Jennings, who continues to be an entertaining interview, is long gone on the Jeopardy! circuit. But there’s still reason to tune in, D.C.ers! Our area, bursting as it is with nerds, is frequently in rotation on the roster of contestants.

Case in point: Ann Gavaghan. The staffer for Sen. Hillary Clinton (advisor on healthcare issues. Poor girl.) returns tonight to defend her win…and Joe Lally. During the awkward Alexchat, Gavaghan offered as her entertaining anecdote her love of punk shows.

Alex Trebek
: “Do you have a favorite punk rock band?”
Ann Gavaghan: “Absolutely! D.C.’s own Fugazi. They put the D.C. in HarDCore!” Apparently, the camera cut away before Gavaghan made the fist of rock.