Yesterday, Forbes came out with its annual list of the 400 richest Americans. A few of them hail from the D.C. metropolitan area. I’m guessing none of these people are actually your neighbors; City Desk probably doesn’t reach the over-the-hill billionaire demographic. But somewhere out there behind a fence that costs more than your annual salary, the billionaires lie.

In D.C., there are two: the Rales brothers, Mitchell and Steven, number 117 and 135 respectively. The source of their income is Danaher Corporation, whose various businesses manufacture everything from hand tools to electronic voting systems for elections. According to the blurb in Forbes, “Danaher” is the name of a Montana stream where the two brothers once fished.

Also in the area are Ted Lerner (owner of the Washington Nationals ), who lives in Chevy Chase; David Rubenstein (founder of the Carlyle Group), of Bethesda; two Marriott family-members, both of Potomac; Virginia-based John Mars and Forrest Mars Jr. (of Mars candy fame); and a few others. Bill Gates tops the list, followed by Warren Buffett.

The youngest guy on there is Houston-based John Arnold, 33, who made his money in hedge funds. He’s just a year younger than the Google guys, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Also, this year every member of elite 400 is a billionaire.