Here’s some news that struck me as a big freaking surprise: Women in their 20s with steady jobs in big cities make MORE MONEY than their male counterparts. Yes, there are a few qualifiers in there. But still!

One result, says Sunday Styles, is that wealthy young women are encountering some predictable problems in the dating pool. Basically, both men and women feel uncomfortable when chicks make more. The story is a little annoying (Waaah, I make too much money.) But the big question now is what will happen with these women. Will they marry later, not marry at all? Marry older men? Maybe all the men will just become Girl Scouts.

What happens when they turn 30?

Also, I was curious about the stats, and a little skeptical. According to an earlier Times story, the change comes mostly from the fact that more women than men are graduating from college.

In the incoming wave of young employees, the women are the most qualified. But there’s no evidence of an actual, nationwide change. Wages for women in their 20s still lag behind men’s earnings when you look at the country as a whole. It’s just that the best and brightest women are migrating to the big cities isolated in this particular study. The gains are biggest for white women. And the study doesn’t take into account women who are employed part-time, get paid under the table, or don’t work at all—-which would include a giant group of young moms and struggling immigrants. A group that, incidentally, has long expected women to bring in their share, or more, of the family income.