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It’s all over but the Grahamstanding.

At 10:30 a.m., there were two reams of police tape blocking the Safeway on Columbia Road NW. One set blocks off the street, quarantining huge chunks of road. The other forms a box around the Safeway entrance. Police cruisers idle at the edges of the tape. The crime scene had been cleaned up if it was indeed right outside the grocery.

By the time City Desk got around to it—with notebook, pen, and stuff—the police tape and cruisers had disappeared. A TV truck remained; it’s the only indication that a woman had shot another woman in the head, possibly just outside the store. The Safeway had opened late, but it opened. There were two cashiers just doing their job, smiling as they waved food past the scanner. As if the events shortly after midnight had not happened.

At the edge of the diary aisle, a clutch of seniors could be heard talking about the shooting. The word “lesbians” was tossed out. Must be.

Down the street, a woman and her kids, as well as three or four dudes, were just standing outside the Popeyes. Popeyes was opening late. The shooting had turned Popeye’s into Pasta Mia. A boon for Popeyes, I guess.

The woman scrunched up her face. Her kids were getting crabby. Another woman tried to explain to her about the shooting, that the street had been blocked off. But her Spanish just isn’t that good. What’s Spanish for lesbian?

Earlier—way earlier, it seems—Councilmember Jim Graham had sent out a message to one of the neighborhood message boards. It states:

Dear Friends:

I must sadly inform you that a woman shot another woman right in front of Safeway on Columbia Road early this morning at about 12:15 AM. Details are still sketchy at this point, but I want to share what is known from information provided by MPD.

The victim is in grave condition due to the wound to the head. Her name has not been released as yet.

A suspect is known and sought at this hour.

The two women knew each other, and this has all the earmarks of a targeted shooting. It may have been a domestic quarrel. The victim may have been a Safeway employee. Both women are African American. One shot was fired.

No further details are available at this time. More will be provided as the day proceeds.