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The one constant on the neighborhood message boards—-besides bickering—-is cat sightings. There are so many missing cats!

But this one—-from Shepherd Park‘s board today—-just rises above:

Please be on the lookout for a cat with a can stuck on his head! My husband saw him this morning around 7AM on Geranium Street near 14th Street. He wasn’t able to remove the can. I went looking for the cat but couldn’t find him. Animal Control has been notified and is sending a crew out.

I wonder how Animal Control will get the can off the cat’s head.

From the message board:

The can has been removed.

It appears that the cat was trying to eat some leftover pet food that was in the can. The folks at Animal Control were very responsive to the several calls I made, but they were trying to remove a raccoon from a senior’s home. When I got close I could see the cat’s ear so I figure a firm tug would do the trick and it did. I don’t know if the kitty has a home, but he is free now.