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George Michael is taking a pounding for his televised chat with Redskins owner Dan Snyder. The Washington Post‘s Len Shapiro writes that the former WRC sportscaster shouldn’t have done the interview because, among other reasons, he’s long been buddies with the owner.

Shapiro leaves out, however, the main reason Michael was the wrong man for the interview: Michael is on Snyder’s payroll. Not just figuratively: Michael has for years been hosting the official Redskins coach’s show, now known as The Joe Gibbs Show, which airs on WRC.

That show is produced by the Snyder’s team, not WRC. It’s an infomercial disguised as news.

To help with the subterfuge, Michael asks viewers to send in questions for the coach to an email address with an NBC.com suffix. This despite the fact that the program has nothing to do with NBC. Again, the show—-or rather, the infomercial—-is owned by Dan Snyder.

It’s understandable why Michael and his employer, Snyder, would want to keep viewers unaware that they’re watching propaganda, not news.

But why on earth does NBC allow Michael and Snyder to use network resources to mislead the audience?