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A hapless cat isn’t the only animal to pop up on Shepherd Park’s message board.

Reports one poster:

I came face to face (fact to snout?) with a raccoon in my back yard last evening. A neighbor with whom I spoke moments later said she had already called animal control, though she’s clearly too young to be the senior mentioned to Sharon. The creature eventually scurried away. Is there anything else one should do if in the presence of a raccoon?

Among the responses:

My friend scared off a raccoon in her attic using rags soaked in ammonia and dog urine.? I have seen a raccoon in my driveway twice in the past few months, so I’m going to try it.? I’ll tell you if it works outside.


We put moth crystals in the eaves or our attic in the fall to deter raccoons. Moth balls do not work as well as cyrstals since raccoons can manipulate the balls. But better moth balls than nothing.

The first poster responds:

will have to try that as the little bugger nipped at my ankle tonight on my deck. no broken skin or anything, but not a good sign. be on the lookout, folks.