A Roundup of Morning Roundups

It’s that time of year to ponder the upcoming holidays, including everyone’s favorite: holiday bonus day! But Tangherlini is playing the scrooge and reconsidering cash bonuses. Who does he think he works for? An alt weekly? (DCist)

Bloggers finally have a purpose! Ex-pat bloggers are providing the breaking news in Myanmar as the traditional media is getting a heavy hand. Alliteration is getting out of control in the Blackwater coverage. We’re now up to: Blackwater’s Baghdad bedlam. (The Ag)

Hopefully you like living in your overpriced, shoddily made condo, because you won’t be selling it for a long, long time. And Bush readies his big red veto stamp for the measure that would expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. (Today’s Papers)

Plus, getting engaged wins you an interview with Ann Curry! (Fishbowl DC)