The scene this morning at 17th and Q Streets NW, right in front of Trio and Hank’s Oyster Bar: Cameras, captain chairs, guys dressed in black, actors, cool-looking people, onlookers, the whole nine yards. Hey, I thought, perhaps they’re getting a head start on State of Play, that thriller in which Pitt plays an investigative reporter. That had to be it. I’d read that the filming was to start in November, but you know Hollywood: Gotta hustle these products out the door! Surely they were there to film some scene in which Pitt was meeting a killer source for an exchange of documents in those cool Trio bathrooms.

A little investigation of my own turned up no Pitt or other Hollywood types. These people were filming a commercial for the Chevy Tahoe. I overheard a director telling some guy in a big, black, shiny Tahoe, “Yeah, just pull out here.” Or something like that.

Cops had shut off traffic to Q Street for the occasion. Which raises the question: Should anyone in this town be inconvenienced for the sake of the Chevy Tahoe?