After we ran my blog post yesterday concerning 14-year-old DeOnté Rawlings’ autopsy, a law-enforcement source called me to air out their own questions concerning the mini-bike shooting.

Some of the questions we’ve heard before or have been raised by readers of City Desk. Others are new and deserve mention.

The source wants to know:

  • Why would the Washington Post release an autopsy report without any context around it?
  • Are those injuries—the bruises found on Rawlings—consistent with falling to the ground after having received a gunshot wound?
  • Will or can the forensic evidence back up or explain the narrative of events? Will they be consistent with the investigation? At the end of the day, can the evidence clear up the issues raised in the autopsy?
  • If there was a crowd of people out there, and the shooting was indeed an execution, why hasn’t anyone come forward? Where are the witnesses?
  • Did the medical examiner actually test for gunshot residue on Rawlings or not?