A Roundup of Morning Roundups

Movie and pizza night is a lot less eventful at my house, but maybe that’s because we stick to family fare. Still, if we hadn’t turned off Barnyard after a few minutes, who knows? Also, Switzerland overrun by fascists, and if you play poker against Pamela Anderson, you might take the whole pot home. (The Ag)

You can also get killed by marathons and attending a catered event in the West End. Also, Columbus Day is controversial. (DCist)

And on the eighth day, God bestowed the Redskins upon Joe Gibbs. Also, Brandon Lloyd spotted in vicinity of FedExField. (D.C. Sports Bog)

Republicans boldly take stance against children, but at least they’re not flip-floppin’, wafflin’, tofu-eatin’ sissies, say those who vote for flip-floppin’, wafflin’, tofu-eatin’ sissies. (Wonkette)