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A Roundup of Morning Roundups

Local blogger delights in the misfortune of others, except when they’re in the country illegally. Also, while we’re talking about justice issues, how is it fair that an overturned Chick-fil-A truck can tie up traffic in the region, but I have to drive out to Landmark if I want God‘s fast food? (DCist)

Mitt slips Rudy the “Baloney.” Also, don’t worry about Pakistan melting down, because Turkey‘s about to invade Iraq, which is slightly more likely to set off the chain of events leading to the end of the world. (Get yourself right with Chick-fil-A NOW.) Also, Scotland to Trump: On yer bike, ya tube. (The Ag)

Bloggers fall all over themselves trying to not review the new Radiohead album. (Idolator)

Anything to do with Dan Rather is poison. Also, Bob Guccione Jr. (full disclosure: my old boss, though he thought my name was “Charlie”) out at Discover Media. Plus, young people like YouTube. (Media News)