Bush administration thinks Jimmy Carter spanking Bush administration about torture is “sad.” Waterboarding, not so much. Also, Turkish bid at sparking apocalypse gathers steam, and Bobby Brown still humpin’ around. (The Ag)

District agrees to stop billing mentally ill for self-mutilation, pay them instead. Also, it’s not hot! I can’t wait to read the comments about that! (DCist)

Touchy Japanese-Americans who were interned during World War II get all self-righteous about plans to develop a feedlot next to memorial. Also, droughts hit areas other than Washington. Who knew? (Idaho Business Review)

Plan to promote the biggest of the three American cities foreigners have heard of (the others are Los Angeles and Orlando) draws comment. Plus, curious content in Curious George doll, and Chrysler‘s death march will be fully staffed. (Brandweek)