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Nobody wants to hate on homeland security dogs. They’re heroes, too. They risk their lives to sniff for explosives. And that’s no joke. But to deploy dogs to eject Union Station patrons is another story. There’s just way too much room for error.

This week I have a story on two high school kids who were ejected from a Union Station’s men’s room by a pair of Amtrak cops and a dog. In interviewing the two teenagers, they recounted several other instances of questionable dog practices at the commuter hub. One time, they watched an Amtrak police dog used to evict an old homeless man from the McDonald’s. They say the man was just trying to buy a burger. After he was refused service, the dog was called into action.

Another time, a cop was walking his police dog just outside the station. The dog repeatedly barked, growled, and scared any child that passed. After complaining to the cop about his dog, the cop just replied that the dog doesn’t like kids.

An Amtrak spokesperson says that the dogs are often used on routine patrols.

Do you think Amtrak uses their dogs too much? Have you all had any run-ins with Amtrak dogs?