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The Dish: yum ped yang

The Location: Neramitra, 2200-I Crystal Drive, Arlington (703) 413-8886

The Price: $7.95 at dinner

The Skinny: Heading to Crystal City’s Neramitra last night, I wasn’t in the mood for anything particularly spicy. At the same time, it had been too long since I’d had duck. So after settling into the restaurant’s outdoor seating area, I decided to take a chance on Neramitra’s spicy yum ped yang, essentially a duck salad. And when I tore into the duck meat, I wasn’t (thank God) overwhelmed. Since the dish’s spiciness merged well with the flavor of the crispy duck pieces, I ate happily. And in relative comfort. But that spiciness seemed more prominent when I tackled the rest of the dish, which had me reaching for my water glass. I eventually did get used to it—-this afternoon, as I picked through the leftovers. But next time I’m at Neramitra, I should be able to enjoy the whole thing.