Radar magazine, ever-vigilant on the culture, entertainment, and style scenes, brings its readers this bit of top serious news: Wowzers, a beer in the shower sure is refreshing, ain’t it?

Maybe it’s just the booze talking, but who the hell doesn’t occasionally drink a beer or six in the shower? Whether it’s to cool off after exercising, get a head start while preparing for a night on the town, or stave off a wicked Tuesday morning hangover before trotting into the office, a beer in the shower isn’t some eccentric practice or “secret pleasure” as Radar would have you believe—-it’s a goddamned necessity in this cruel game known as life. Hell, in my dilapidated group house, we keep a separate recycling bin in the bathroom just to collect all of the empty shower beer bottles. Is this not the norm for any self-respecting 20-something group house?