A Roundup of Morning Roundups

We win in Iraq, just in time for Turkey to invade it and bring all life on Earth to a halt. Plus, hard to choose sides in Iran-plans-to-kill-Putin kerfuffle, and “Black Dog” to soon blast from hip-mounted cell phone on a Radio Shack salesman near you. (The Ag)

The environment is hot, even if the weather isn’t. Also, something about the schools, and hey, when did an apostrophe become part of St. Elizabeths’ name? (DCist)

Giuliani to New York: Drop dead! Also, gambling comes to Queens, and nooses join burning crosses as illegal, if implausible, ways to express racism in New York City. (Morning Buzz)

Tea with honey and leather tunics. That would be weekend enough for most, but add cabbage curry and it’s no wonder the cats are being jealous little so-and-sos! (Stuff I Think)