For as long as I can remember, Jonetta Rose Barras, WAMU’s killer political analyst, has been taking names at the John A. Wilson building. And in the latest installment of her highly successful Barras Report, she slams Mayor Adrian Fenty for wanting to spend too much money. Yeah, pretty predictable stuff, but Barras brings it. She details how much cash Fenty is looking for and where he’s looking to sprinkle it. One beneficiary: The D.C. Department of Transportation, or “d.” Barras notes that this department is slated for a funding bump of $332,000 and provides this analysis as to why the money’s coming through: “It helps when the city administrator is the former DDOT director, and the current DDOT director is the protégé of the past director, who is the city administrator.” OK, that’s a bit circular, but, hey, it’s the Web!

Then, when discussing the ambitions of current D.C. councilmembers, Barras makes this point: “There is still talk that Ward 1’s Jim Graham wants to spread his wings.”

Like, duh, girl! I mean, Graham wants more power? More visibility? More quotes in every news outlet? Jeez, you don’t say! You wanna know why there’s still talk that this guy wants more? Because it’s true. His nickname should be “More.” He’s the most nakedly ambitious guys in this city. In fact, if you compare size of ambition against actual level of power, Jim Graham may well be one of the most out-of-whack people in town. He wants it all, yet he represents only a sliver of the puny, disenfranchised District. He wants to play on the biggest of stages, yet he has to respond to pothole-filling requests on Ingleside Terrace. He wants it all, yet he has to bother with “consent agenda” items every time he turns around. Get this guy, at least, an at-large seat, or perhaps Eleanor’s seat. Otherwise, he’s gonna explode!