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The brouhaha over Fun Fair Video continues. Last month, Mount Vernon Square residents staged a protest outside the porn shop complete with color-coordinated signs, cute photo-ops of local protesting children, and a crowd with a noticeable proportion of media people. But apparently that wasn’t enough to close the place, which is operating without the proper permit (and attracts a lot of crime, neighbors say).

Last Thursday, the publicity-happy Coalition to Shut Down Fun Fair Video issued yet another press release about its thus-far futile efforts. On October 1, the group announced that it was starting a countdown to the closing of Fun Fair, after the Board of Zoning Adjustment issued an order revoking the Certificate of Occupancy, which was supposed to be effective in 10 days, according to the press release. On Thursday, several locals marched down to the video store to check out if the order had been enforced. It hadn’t.

For a second there, it seemed like the group was losing steam. The canned publicity quotes sounded a bit sour, certainly less empowered: “We are optimistic” turned into “we hope.”

But yesterday, the coalition was back! Oh boy, was it back. Cary Silverman, the organization’s president, sent out an e-mail trumpeting a press release from the District of Columbia Attorney General’s Office.

“Fun Fair Video has been operating outside of the law for too long,” D.C. Attorney General Linda Singer states in the release. Her office has requested the D.C. Superior Court to order Fun Fair Video to immediately stop operating.

“The hearing on the request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) will be heard Wednesday October 17, 2007, at 10 a.m. in Judge in Chambers,” the press release states.

The drama is unrelenting.