The picture above is of a camel cricket, which around my house is known as the Holy Shit How Do I Kill This Christ-Fucking Thing. Pardon the swearing, but any world that allows for something that ugly and which is willing to jump three feet in your direction is not a world that is ruled by a benevolent god. I don’t scare easy when it comes to bugs, but this week my trips to the storage space of my house in P.G. County have been more fraught with anxiety than I’d prefer. (It could be worse, though; when I first looked up info for the creature I erroneously Googled “camel spider” and got this.) Oh, we’re out of coffee and I have to go to the basement to get more? Fuck it, I’ll live without coffee for the next decade.

Yesterday’s Post had a story about the recent infestation of camel crickets. “You have to smash them,” says one person quoted in the story. I’m hoping for more nonconfrontational options. Any suggestions?