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The fact that DC public high schools basically allow kids to attend whatever school they wish, regardless of what school zone they live in, has led to a haves and have-nots situation in the city’s sports landscape.

Kids who want to play football, for example, won’t go to a school with an anemic football program. The chasm within DCIAA has never been more evident than right now. A scheduling quirk led to a situation last Friday where every game was a matchup of Have vs. Have-Not.

The results:
Anacostia 54, Spingarn 0
Theodore Roosevelt 63, Cardozo 0
Ballou 39, McKinley 0
H.D. Woodson 39, Eastern 0
Dunbar 28, Wilson 0

Cumulative final score: Haves 223, Have-Nots 0.

That’s right, every single intra-divisional game ended in a shutout. And it could have been even worse for the ‘Nots: The margin in four of the five contests was substantial enough for referees to invoke the league’s slaughter rule, which calls for the timekeeper to keep the game clock running kicks once one team goes up by 35 points.