This doesn’t sound good.

WASA just put out a press release about a possible rupture in a 60-inch sewer line underneath the Anacostia River. The pipe runs from the O Street pumping station on the west bank of the river (near the baseball stadium) down to the Blue Plains treatment plant in the city’s southern corner.

Press release after jump.

UPDATE, 8:12 P.M.: Latest from a WASA release:

The leaking pipeline is one of three that cross the river carrying sewage from WASA’s Main Pumping Station on O Street S.E. to the Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant. The problem was discovered around 2 p.m. Monday by workers who were drilling in the area to stabilize a 40-foot stretch of seawall along the Anacostia waterfront near the Southeast Federal Center.

Tonight, divers will determine the exact nature of the problem. Until repairs can be made, WASA is protecting the river with the installation of a bypass pipeline that will divert the sewage flow to an adjacent pipe.


WASA Investigating Possible Sewer Line Break Under Anacostia River

Crews with the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) are investigating reports of a broken 60-inch sewer line that runs beneath the Anacostia River. The pipeline is one of two that cross the river from WASA’s Main Pumping Station on “O” Street S.E. carrying sewage to Blue Plains for treatment. A WASA engineering team is on site to evaluate the nature and extent of the problem. More information will be provided as details become available.