There’s no way around this: German culture isn’t cool to most Americans—-unless, of course, your definition of hipness includes being the butt of some amateur rap video or the inspiration for a children’s toy every bit as irreverent as the wind-up Catholic school nun. But each weekend out on a lonely strip of land in Jessup, people jam into Blob’s Park and watch the calendar roll back. Polka is the pop music of choice, lederhosen the latest in contemporary fashion, and bulging plates of sausage the very definition of modern dining.

And no one is being ironic.

Blob’s Park, in fact, may be one of the last places where German culture is still treated with respect, right down to the bleating sounds of the alpenhorn. I’m sorry, call me a Kraut-law, but I find this old beer garden a thousand times more fun than some Adams Morgan club blasting techno to Miller Lite-swilling interns.

But according to the Baltimore Sun, Blob’s Park will soon ooze into the sunset. The family sold out to developers, those real-estate vultures who love to feast on old cultural icons. The closing date hasn’t been determined yet, but could be as early as the end of the year.

What do you say, folks? Let’s get a party together for one last blow out at Blob’s Park. Let’s agree on a date and everyone meet up there.