Let’s close the week out on a Fun Fair note. On my way back from the DC courthouse this afternoon, I passed by what remains of the former store, alleged by neighbors to attract drugs and prostitution, known as Fun Fair Video-Movie. This most reviled neighborhood institution was protested by local residents back in September. Since then, the Coalition to Shut Down Fun Fair Video has vigorously pursued their goal of closing the place once and for all. (And provided a press release play-by-play of their bureaucratic journey.)

Just last week, Coalition president Cary Silverman sent me an e-mail about his latest efforts in the fight, writing “we had to file a letter in opposition to a requested delay in the effectiveness of its order yesterday with the BZA and are now in the process of gathering affidavits to file with the court.”

But, if I had to judge by the front entrance alone, I’d guess the Coalition’s pretty satisfied right now. On the door, there’s a paper stating “We are closed.” Friday business hours are 9 a.m. to 24 hours, according to a nearby sign. In addition, Fun Fair’s two overhead plastic signs with the business’s name both have gaping holes in them. Whether this was done by a triumphant local or an angry crackhead wondering where he was going to get his fix, I have no idea.