The Drink: DIY Margarita

The Price: Feels like free

The Location: Your apartment

The Buzz: It’s been a depressing few weeks. And lately it’s been rainy and dreary. These things probably should have made me seek refuge at a bar, but instead, they made me refuse to leave my apartment except for work. So this week’s cocktail is not designed by a professional from the wealth of materials at a restaurant but is foraged from my quickly depleting kitchen. The other night was looking dire. The beer was gone, the wine was gone, and there wasn’t a mixer in the house. What do you do when you’re in a drinking emergency? You muddle.

I took some pomegranate seeds that I had left over from a salad and threw them into a shaker with a couple wedges of lime. After mashing them up, I added ice, tequila, and triple sec (I did a roughly two-to-one ratio), and then shook and strained over ice. It turned out rather tasty—-fruity but not sweet, and the tequila still had a strong presence. That’s one of the beauties about margaritas: As long as you have tequila in your house, you can make some variation with whatever fruit you have lying around. And it will cheer you right up.