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Here’s a contender for campaign commercial of the year, though it’s not from this year. It’s a decade-old spot for Virginia lawmaker Jeannemarie Devolites, now known as Jeannemarie Devolites Davis. She’s currently running for reelection to the state senate against some guy named Chap! in what has to be the angriest race in the area.

Chap! got all chafed when Jeannemarie sent out a mailer that included names of his children and his family’s home phone number. But this old campaign commercial of hers has reappeared to add to the sleaziness.

Turns out that whatever domestic bliss was in that ad was tenuous. Jeannemarie has since left the husband in the video so she could be with the congressman in the video, popular local Republican Tom Davis, to whom she’s now married. Here’s the new couple, looking at least as happy as the old couple.

And, just as great for Chap!, one of the cute little kids traipsing around throughout Jeannemarie’s campaign commercial was sentenced to nine years in a federal slammer in 2002 for a string of armed robberies.

Given the prologue, the commercial has more giggle lines than Wedding Crashers.