D.C.’s two titans of car-sharing are set to merge. Flexcar patrons got this e-mail earlier this morning:

Dear —-,

We’re thrilled to announce some big news: Flexcar is merging with Zipcar, another U.S.-based car-sharing company.

This is good news for you for several reasons, including: more vehicles, more markets, and enhanced technology. Shortly, your membership will give you access to more cars for you to choose from in D.C. In addition, you’ll have access to shared cars in New York, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver—even London! We’ll be incorporating Zipcar’s award-winning technology, which will make it even easier to find, reserve, and unlock cars.

We’ll be keeping you posted on the wheres and whens via email and on the website, with links from the reservation pages. In the meantime, you can check out this page for more details or, if you have specific questions that just can’t wait, email us at merger@flexcar.com.

We’re pretty excited about continuing to develop car-sharing as a truly viable alternative to car-ownership for more and more people. Thank you for being so supportive—we look forward to returning the favor.

The Team at Flexcar