Forget the Post’s advice columnist Carolyn Hax and her advice for lovelorn singles on the Dating Hamster Wheel of Despair (DHWD). Not interesting. Forget Dan Savage and this week’s fringe fetish.

The perils (love and otherwise) of the District’s married with offspring and a decent lump of cash set make for a far more interesting soap opera. The best look inside their heads is the online parent support group DC Urban Moms and Dads. Although I don’t have children (and from the look of the sexy maternity wear advertised am not the target audience) I’m a devoted reader.

If you’re looking for the good stuff, skip the forums on breastfeeding, servant wages, and tips for getting your child into the best private schools. Scoot down to the off-topic forum for a look at what happens when things go wrong.

Where in D.C. can you find a good private investigator to bird dog your cheating man? What should you do if you’re a mom suddenly into the ladies? What if your cleaning woman bleaches your carpet? What if your flabby gut makes you embarrassed to get naked in front of your husband? Forget Carolyn and Dan. This place has the answers.