In October, the District’s Department of Public Works posted signs on our street changing our pickup days for garbage. We went from a Monday-Thursday thing to a Tuesday-Friday thing. Kind of a demotion, considering that garbage tends to pile up at our place over the weekend, thanks to lots of partying. But that’s nothing to really gripe about.

However, the signs didn’t address the issue of recycling. Before, I’d put the recycling out with the garbage on Thursdays. But the signs didn’t say that the recycling day would change. So last week I put the recycling out on Wednesday night, and it stayed there all the way through Saturday, no pickup to be had. I finally gave up and brought it onto the front patio after some guy eating a hard-boiled egg dropped his egg shell into it.

I brought it out again last night and am hoping it’s empty by the time I get home.

If not, I’ll take it in again tonight, and then take it back out tonight. With each passing day, it bulges a bit more.

And if I find that the recycling truck did indeed come by today, that’ll mean that I have three days of garbage/recycling service each week. I have a feeling I’ll quickly lose track of which nights I have to drag the buckets out front, and which nights I don’t. So I’ll just go out there every night no matter. Just before brushing my teeth, taking a piss, and hitting the rack.