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Earlier this week, I saw The Darjeeling Limited, the new Wes Anderson film about three brothers on a spiritual journey in India to re-bond and reunite with their mom. As the credits rolled, a familiar, but unexpected name popped up with the cast of Anderson regulars, like Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Anjelica Huston.

That name was Steven M. Rales, who was an executive producer on the film. Rales is a local billionaire. He’s one of two District residents on the Forbes 400 list. The other guy is his brother Mitchell, who’s No. 117 (Steven’s a comparatively lowly 135). The brothers made their cash through the Danaher Corporation, which runs a variety of tool and industrial technology businesses. But, Mitchell’s probably not hobnobbing with Hollywood types like his older brother. According to Steven’s IMDb page, he’s involved in three projects. The Darjeeling Limited was his first. His next film is Nothing is Private a film directed by Alan Ball, the guy behind American Beauty and Six Feet Under—-so you know it’s going to be lighthearted, fun fare. Then, after that comes another Wes Anderson project, The Fantastic Mr. Fox with. Again, he’s executive producer on this one.