Dan Snyder is scheduled to be in New York on Thursday at something called the Media and Money conference. The published agenda has him sitting down for what’s called the “conference closing keynote interview.”

Snyder’s presentation is titled “Touchdowns, Roller Coasters, Dick Clark & Tom Cruise: What Does It Take to Succeed In Entertainment?”

Given recent events, it would make more sense if Snyder were asking, not answering, the questions at a seminar so billed. Tom Cruise? Fox News reported a few weeks ago that Cruise has already poopcanned his partnership with the Redskins owner. Snyder spokesman Karl Swanson denied the breakup in an e-mail to Fox, but the network stood by its report.

And Six Flags? Well, the stock for the amusement park chain, for which Snyder serves as chairman of the board, has tanked during his reign. As of 2:06 p.m., it had fallen to $2.83 a share, after hitting more than $11 a share in 2006, shortly after Snyder assumed control. The recent freefall of the stock portends bad things for the earnings report for the third quarter of 2007, which is due to be released by Six Flags at the end of this week. If theme park observers are right about how much bad news that report will hold, shortly after Snyder finishes talking investors will be jumping off Six Flags as Cruise would one of Oprah’s couches.

Snyder doesn’t do interviews around DC, unless you’re on his payroll or waive your pride. But, here’s some Q ‘s that could use some A’s: What nimrod named Snyder’s presentation? And, where will George Michael be?