The Washington Examiner doesn’t like the crime-fighting gimmicks of D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier. Today the almost-daily free paper fronts this big headline: “‘All Hands’ effort fails to curb violent crime.” The story, by Examiner staff writer Scott McCabe, does a nice job of nailing the issue—-namely, that Lanier’s attempts to depress crime by dispatching virtually her entire force to the streets ain’t working. McCabe reports that on Saturday night, robberies were taking place even as the streets were mobbed with cops.

The weekend crime tally: Two homicides, several shootings and robberies.

Says a cop in McCabe’s account: “Chief Lanier has had some good ideas and is a breath of fresh air,” one detective said. “[But] honestly, this takes many of us away from our daily duties, personally for me it takes me away from working my open cases.”

Sure, the story relies on anonymous cops, but what do you expect—-no one’s gonna go on record slamming a popular police chief early in her tenure. Even if she’s short on crime-fighting ideas.