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WaPo is out of the Thanksgiving news cycle gate early this year, with the following story from Kendra Marr: “Airlines Warn of Long Lines On Holidays.” In what has to be the grandest understatement ever, the story talks about the possibility that flights will be 90 percent full. My own guess would be 115 percent. There’s also some suggestion that airports will be stocking up on food and drinks to give to passengers who remained stalled on runways. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

The story prompted some classic Internet nastiness on the comments section, as evidenced by this comment:

I just heard there will be people shopping that weekend too, get on it Post, send a reporter to a mall parking lot today!!!! Get a quote from a shopper, point the camera to cars waiting to get out of the mall, put those media degrees to work!!

And that’s exactly what the Post will do and should do. Just as Thanksgiving is about culinary and family traditions, it’s about news-consuming traditions. And one of the most delectable courses in that meal is kicking your feet up, taking a sip of wine, and reading about how all those wretched souls spent Wednesday evening sitting on the tarmac/Interstate/bus station.