How many times is the local press corps gonna fall for the little peeks that the Nationals provide for their new ballpark? Every time the club’s officials offer scribes another look at progress, we just rush the gates and print promo pieces on the place. Take a look at this morning’s coverage. WaPo clocks in with a story on the Metro front, and Washington Times is complying as well, with this bit of puffery.

You can see what happens from here on out: Each time the construction reaches some bogus milestone, the scribes’ll be back at it. A preview of headlines to come: “Stadium Installs First Concession Stand,” “Nats Officials Unveil Model Urinal,” “Nats’ Pitcher’s Mound: A Team Effort,” “Can You Get to the Metro from Here? Nats Dugouts Run Deep.” You know, a bunch of shit like that. And then comes the coverage leading up to and including Opening Day. You’ll wish like never before that the D.C. Council had voted down this unforgivable giveaway.