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An item earlier this week in the washingtonpost.com campaign blog FactCheckers, starts off by putting the following Bill Richardson quote as a falsehood that will be debunked:

George Bush‘s “surge” has failed: this summer was the bloodiest yet, and there’s no end in sight.”
—Statement on Richardson campaign Web site.

To rebut Richardson, under the heading “The Facts,” the Post‘s Michael Dobbs writes:

“[T]he New Mexico governor is entitled to his opinion that George Bush’s ‘surge’ has failed miserably. But he is not accurate when he claims that the last summer was ‘the bloodiest yet’ in Iraq. As I argued in a previous post, violence does seem to have been coming down in Iraq since a high of late last year. It is true that more U.S. servicemen were killed in Iraq in the summer of 2007 than the summer of 2006, but the number of U.S. casualties has been falling significantly since August, according to official Pentagon figures.”

Yup, Dobbs rebuts Richardson’s assertion that it was the bloodiest summer yet by saying it was the bloodiest summer yet. And for uttering an alleged falsehood that Hobbs himself has just supported, Richardson gets two Pinocchios on the blog’s liar-rating scale.

With crap like this, Dobbs comes off looking like the puppet.