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I had the honor of attending the annual Terlingua Two Step last night at the Clarendon Ballroom. It wasn’t a black-tie affair but more of a school dance for local Texans. A few gripes about politics aside, Texans know how to party. The real swans on the dance floor were these stocky dudes with buzz cuts, too-tight jeans, tucked in shirts and black cowboy hats. Guys I’d normally peg as uncoordinated lumps of gun-toting white bread. I, on the other hand, spent the night counting steps and trying not to stare at my shoes.

Also impressive: On loan from Corpus Christi, a Romanian florist in hot pink tassels who told me she loves George Bush because he helped her get her kids away from the Commies. She comes to every Texas State Society event in D.C. just to show her love. She showed me a picture of her and Dick Cheney, whom she also loves. She spent most of the night dancing with girlfriend (also slinky, with tightly stretched skin), doing a dance that looked like a cross between the polka and the two step.

Couple of gripes: I found just two Dems (and I asked around), a cute couple we found hiding in a corner. The only minorities I spotted were serving food. And the food, according to an expert Texan friend, was about as authentic as press-on nails. In addition to so-so ribs, the buffet included a platter of Buffalo wings and a dish of blue cheese dressing. I overheard a lanky redhead ask why in the hell you’d put stinky cheese on fried chicken.