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In Slate, William Saletan says we should all get used to developing scientific evidence of variations in average intelligence among the races. The new research offers a familiar hierarchy of smarts, with Africans at the bottom and Asians at the top. But what Saletan is really talking about is a variation in average IQs, but he conflates the two ideas with abandon. And while he vaguely acknowledges the possibility that the new research might be proved wrong – he seems pretty darn convinced. And he doesn’t mention any of the many theories that argue against a real connection between IQ and intelligence. (Thanks David Brooks?) Some people think IQ tests just measure how white you are.

I agree that this new “evidence” should be discussed, but flippantly putting it out there is a pretty idiotic thing to do in a world were people like this exist. The Slate discussion board is already atwitter over Saletan’s post.