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Late Sunday, I read this post from the Brookland neighborhood’s message board. I thought: This is some crazy shit. Now, I don’t think so. Now I just think the Newton Street neighbors that failed to provide shelter from the whizzing bullets are assholes.

The post began innocently enough with a “Hi neighbors.” This usually leads to a plea for nanny help, gardening tips, or hey-I-saw-a-cat-is-it-missing? Instead we get this story:

“My husband (African) and our neighbor (white) were walking down Newton St at about 8pm when two young men appeared on Newton from the 14th and Otis side and shot at my husband. Both my husband and the neighbor ran and fell down. The folks on the corner of Newton and 13th would not take them into their house when they fled there so they were just standing there on the street when I arrived a few minutes later, having heard the gunshot from down on 17th and Newton where we live. Luckily the gunman missed my husband and he was OK except for a sore knee where he fell down. Our neighbor is also OK. Police and detectives came and they are investigating. No we don’t have much in the way of description aside from them being black and wearing black hoodies. What my husband says is that he only saw the gun and not at the guy.”

Maybe all the neighbors were at the Red Derby.