I just got word last night that my beautiful 2001 Toyota Corolla (color according to the carmaker: “Lemon Mist“) will cost more than $10,000 to repair. In insurance lingo, this means my car is a “total loss.” For me, this means that I now have to go the mechanic shop on Michigan Avenue and clean out my car.

The mechanic said I have until Friday morning to complete this car cleaning. This task includes clearing out the dozen empty water bottles, piles of fading newspapers, and dozens of mixtapes. It also means carting away the giant trash bag in my trunk. This particular trash bag is filled with the refuse from my last car I junked five years ago.

I have never really looked inside that bag in all those years. I know there’s some good stuff in that bag: more mixtapes, a classic CD or three, a couple of t-shirts, special must-have papers, old batteries, and maybe a shoe.

Do I make a clean break and simply throw the entire bag out? Do I bother sifting through these five-year old artifacts?

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