A few weeks ago I got a “notice of infraction” from the Metropolitan Police Department in the mail. The notice included photos taken by the city’s traffic cameras, one showing my car approaching an intersection near Gallaudet University and a second showing my car stopped at that intersection. There is no photo of my car in the intersection or any hint that anybody ran any red light. Instead, the photos show traffic right in front of my car that would have made it impossible for me to run the light without getting T-boned.

The violation is listed as “Signal Pass Red Lite,” which makes no sense and gets no Google hits. The fine is $75.

How do you fight a violation that never happened and a charge that doesn’t exist? Lately I feel like a magnet for these bogus tickets, but I can’t be the only sap charged with fictional violations. Can I?

Justice lite, indeed.

(And, yes, I paid the fine.)