Breaking news out of Miami: Redskins safety Sean Taylor was shot in his home early this morning.

Now usually I’d leave this to my distinguished colleague Dave McKenna, but Dave’s out of pocket at the moment, so I’ll point out the obvious: The Eastern Motors Curse strikes again.

The curse has not been kind to the Skins this year: First cornerback Carlos Rogers has season-ending knee surgery. Then Taylor sprains his knee. Now he’s in critical condition.

Clinton Portis must feel like he’s in Final Destination 4: FedEx Fright right about now.

UPDATE, 1:50 P.M.: The curse theory gets an airing in Michael Wilbon‘s Post chat:

Silver Spring, Md.: Do you believe in curses? Browse the list of Redskins to appear in an Eastern Motors ad, then combine with that players current status and/or good or bad fortune: Lavar Arrington, Sean Taylor, Carlos Rogers, Clinton Portis (fumbles ball during the ad) Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El, Jason Campbell.

Michael Wilbon: This is so crazy, I just have to put it out there…I hope you’re saying it with a wink and a smile.