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Wednesday night is the next Republican presidential debate, and local voting-rights activists want their questions answered. And, no, it won’t involve picketing or a sit-in this time.

This is the CNN/YouTube presidential debate, and if you’re not familiar with the format, it’s like any other debate, except the questions are taken from videos made by citizens and posted on YouTube.

Local nonprof DC Vote coordinated a series of 11 video questions, which were taped with the help of local public-access station DCTV. Says DC Vote Outreach Director Eugene Dewitt Kinlow: “They range from the serious and straightforward to some with a little levity.”

Well, just about all of them are in the former category: Two of the spots are from local GOP bigwigs, such as they are—-local party chair Bob Kabel and D.C. Young Republicans leader Marcus Skelton. A number of avowed Democrats, including Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, and schools Ombudsman Tonya Vidal Kinlow, also recorded questions.

Several more are from un affiliated D.C. citizens. One, from the Chambliss family, plays the cute-kid card. Nelson Rimensnyder goes patriotic. And bordering on the bizarre would be Eli Zigas‘ video, in which he plays a time-traveling, iMac-owning Abe Lincoln.

The chances of any of the DC Vote spots making it on air are admittedly slim, with thousands of videos having been submitted, but let’s call Zigas’ chances at slim to none. As far as I’m concerned, I vote for Skelton’s spot:

Which one do you like best? Watch ’em all, and put your vote in the comments.