“The team really needs Sean Taylor,” I told my brother after a recent disappointing loss.

“If the defense had Sean Taylor…” I said after another recent disappointing loss.

Now the Redskins will never have Sean Taylor floating, hovering, stinging on defense. Now all we have is this mourning ritual—-from “Praying for Sean” to the instant Sean-Taylor-is-Dead promo on SportsTalk 980 to the inevitable essays and column inches spilled on how the culture of sports has changed, gotten more thuggish, etc., to black banners, more vigils, and Skins flags at half mast.

All I could think about this morning was Len Bias.

And then all I could think about his how Daniel Snyder is going to handle this. The team has already moved the fans away from their vigil at Taylor’s parking spot. Is Snyder going to try and make money off this? Or is he going to rise up and be a good guy?